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Cindy brings a heart full of gratitude for over 40 years of partnering with her follow journeyers in discovering our own wisdom and natural healing, transformative potential.

After many years of private practice which offered a variety of mind-body-spirit services, Cindy's current focus is in offering Spiritual Direction/Companioning in one-on-one sessions. Cindy remains committed to honoring the co-creative partnership. It is Cindy's belief that we contribute to global systemic change and evolution by consciously entering our own individual transformative work in partnership with the larger consciousness--known by many names. When this evolutionary work is rooted in compassionate presence for ourselves, each other, and our world, our perspective widens, we are stretched, our lives deepen and new possibilities open in us, through us and all around us.

Cindy completed the Boundless Compassion Conference Retreat in 2015, and the Facilitator's Training Program in 2018. (The Boundless Compassion Conference, Retreat and Facilitator's Training are programs of the Servite Center of Compassion, sponsored by the Servants of Mary. The programs founders and Cindy's facilitators were:  Joyce Rupp, OSM, Margaret Stratman, OSM and Val Lewandoski, OSM)

Cindy is also the author of Turning Around the Heart: Stories of Possibility, Connection and Transformation, which was released 12/1/12.  For more information check out this video, flyer, or TV interview about the book.

Book Signing

Booksigning at Beaverdale books, Fall 2012


Most of all, Cindy is a student of the sacred, mystical and miraculous; a lover of metaphor, hammocks and all things of the heart.

If you are interested in exploring spiritual direction with Cindy, click here for her Spiritual Direction & Companionship brochure.

Cindy offers remote sessions via phone or zoom.