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Support for the Jouney

Your Companion In Healing


Cindy brings a heart full of gratitude for over 30 years of partnering with her follow journeyers in discovering our own wisdom and natural healing potential.  In her private practice in Des Moines, Iowa, Cindy offers individual, couple, small group, workshop and retreat experiences that seek to open us to what our life story is teaching us.  Honoring the co-creative partnership, Cindy supports the accessing of our own inner divinity and wisdom.  Cindy seeks to honor the wholeness of who we are by intention toward and attention to the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It is Cindy's belief that we contribute to global change and evolution by consciously entering our own individual transformative work.

Cindy Chicoine ACSW, LISW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher, and an Interspiritual mentor, sometimes referred to as a Spiritual Director.  Additionally, Cindy is a Certified Unconditional Love and Forgiveness Facilitator and a SoulCollage Workshop Facilitator.  From 2008 to 2010 Cindy also co-led an interspiritual formation program.


Most of all, Cindy is a student of the sacred, mystical and miraculous; a lover of metaphor, hammocks and all things of the heart.

Cindy's new book, Turning Around the Heart: Stories of Possibility, Connection and Transformation, was released 12/1/12.  For more information check out this video, flyer, or TV interview about the book.

Book Signing

Booksigning at Beaverdale books, Fall 2012


I offer myself as a co-journeyer with you in exploring your rich story.  If the following questions speak to you, it would be an honor to explore them more deeply in co-creative partnership.  It is Ciny's belief that we contribute to global change and evolution by consciously entering our own indivdual transformative work.


  • Are you seeking relaxation or stress relief?

  • Are you seeking to let go of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blockages that inhibit your life?

  • Are you interested in enhancing your self-growth?

  • Would you like support on your life journey?

  • Are you open to awakening to more of who you truly are?

  • Are you looking for more balance in your life and wish to have your being viewed in a comprehensive way?

  • Are you wanting support through times of difficulty or challenge?

  • Are you seeking more inner peace?

  • Are you interested in exploring and honoring the story of your own spiritual life?

  • Are you interested in deepening an understanding of your own spiritual expression in the world?

  • Do you wish to be intentional in your awareness of how your individual evolution is woven into the larger universe's evolution?

Here are some possible doorways, singly or in combination, that we might enter into as a way of partnering in your healing journey:

  • Traditional or Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Drawing from a wide range of approaches including:  family systems, cognitive - behavioral, transpersonal, Gestault, Jungian and other expressive therapies, as well as, brief solution-focused approaches, psychosynthesis and internal family systems work.

  • Unconditional Love & Forgiveness Work

This holistic model has all the necessary steps for permanent relief and life changing freedom as we release resentments with others and ourselves.  Guided one on one sessions and workshop format available.

  • Reiki & Energy Work Sessions

Healing with energy and energetic principles is one of the oldest forms of health care known to humankind.  Energy therapies can promote the body's natural healing processes, pain relief, wound healing, reduce anxiety and stress, energize the body and enhance spiritual growth.

  • Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction, sometimes called spiritual mentoring or companioning, supports an honoring of the story of our own spiritual life.  It is an exploration of how the Divine Presence is at work in our lives.  It assists in deepening an understanding of our own spiritual expression in the world.

My training program had at its core an emphasis on the importance of our personal, community and global stories with a strong focus on honoring of the wisdom in all spiritual traditions.

Click here to view 'Cindy's Spiritual Direction Brochure'.

For more information about spiritual direction please visit

Individual, in-person, and phone sessions are available, as are small group spiritual mentoring experiences.

  • Usui & Karuna Reiki Classes

Reiki I, Reiki II and Master Teacher Levels

  • Workshops and Retreats

There are a variety of topics available (including but not limited to)

  • Unconditional Love & Forgiveness
         Listen to an interview about this tranformative process.

  • Self-Growth

  • Creativity

  • Art in Healing

  • Holistic Ways to Manage Stress

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Meditation

  • Stress Management

  • Walking Your Life Path with the Labyrinth

  • The Artist's Way

  • Soulcollage

  • Recognizing and Living Your Own Teaching Stories